SLHS Lunch with Covid-19


Photo via Toleen Alhussaini

Social distancing can be very hard in school, especially when everyone is surrounded by one another. With Covid, many things have changed at South Lakes and one of them is lunch. During lunch, there are many students trying to eat and some students feel uncomfortable taking off their masks while indoors. To remedy that potential concern, South Lakes made it easier for everyone and decided to open an area outside to eat in the open air.

Photo via Toleen Alhussaini

Before school started, South Lakes started preparing the outside lunches for the new year coming up. Unlike the past years, when lunch was only in the cafeteria. This year, there are many options to eat lunch here at South Lakes. Whether they are in the cafeteria, outside of the cafeteria (main hallway benches and tables), outside in front of the school, on the floor, or even standing up, students are given the opportunity to choose what they want to do. Most students enjoy eating outdoors and are able to feel safer without a mask. The tables outside are spread out. On the flip side, they get filled up with students very quickly. The earlier a student gets to lunch, the more likely they are to get a table. Lots of students now prefer to sit outside rather than staying inside. With being online last year students were not used to sitting down in the same room for about 6 hours so it’s a change of pace to go outside during lunch. Students should take advantage of the many opportunities and choose what’s best for them and what makes them comfortable. 

Another major thing that is different from all the other years is that this year Fairfax County Public Schools took all procedures to help keep a safe Covid-free community. One of those is school lunch. Unlike last year, some kids had to pay either it’s full price or reduced. The full price for lunch is $4.50, and for the reduced lunch it’s $2.25.This year, Fairfax County Public Schools made the one lunch free for every student. So this year, the first lunch is free, but the second lunch is not for the students that usually pay. Another major change this year is that the vending machines are empty and will no longer be available. Even the cafeteria isn’t selling snacks anymore. The reason for this is that the snacks are not free for any student, which means you have to touch the keypad to enter your number. That’s why lunch is also free. The same goes for the vending machines that students need to touch the vending machine to purchase the item. Avoiding contact is an important thing in Covid-19 and, if they were to allow it, it would increase the spread of Covid.

Many kids don’t take Covid-19 seriously during lunch, so South Lakes is trying their best to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further. These decisions are helping reduce the spread. Students should try their best to follow precautions to avoid school closings. Covid affected lots of students, and limited lots of school activities. Overall, Fairfax County is taking all precautions, and so far schools are still open, that means we are performing a good job.