Crafts to keep you busy in the winter


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Aseil Hassan, Staff Writer

Are you bored and sitting at home doing absolutely nothing? Well no fear, here are some DIY crafts you can make at home to have time fly by! Most of these crafts need a few basic supplies you will most likely have at home. Grab your siblings or parents and have them do these crafty activities with you. Most importantly, be sure to have fun with your crafting!


Mix and Match Stone Snowmen

These snowmen are very fun and there are a variety of different ways you can make it so make sure to be as creative as possible.


 For this craft you will need different colored sharpies, white paint, paint brushes, and many stones! First, you take your stones and paint them white and wait for them to dry. After the stones dry, you can draw on top of the paint with sharpies and make the snowman head as colorful and creative as possible! Make sure to make enough to mix and match with the bottom halves! Next, make many pairs of the bottom half of the snowman on separate stones so that you can match them. 


DIY Snow Globes - The Sweetest Occasion
Image via The Sweetest Occasion

DIY Snow Globe

What you will need for this craft is a jar with its lid. You will also need some glue, a little toy/object to put inside the globe, cold water, 1-2 teaspoons of glitter and some glycerin.


First, you will need to take the object you’ve chosen to be in your snow globe and glue it to the lid of the jar. While waiting for the glue to dry, pour the cold water into the jar. After that, add the 1-2 teaspoons of glitter and the glycerin. Once you’re completely sure that the glue dried, screw in the lid and enjoy your snow globe!



Kid Friendly Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug Tutorial – Factory Direct Craft Blog
Image via Factory Direct Craft

Popsicle Stick Mug

What you will need for this craft is popsicle sticks, glue, paint or colored pencils, scissors, a sheet of colored paper, some cotton balls and some little decorations for your mug! 


First, lay out a few popsicle sticks and glue two sticks horizontally on the top and bottom of the sticks so that it stays together. After it dries, flip the base and color it with crayons. Once you finish coloring, take your piece of colored paper and cut out a handle like shape for your mug. After cutting it out, make sure to glue the handle onto the mug. Last but not least, decorate your mug! Make it as shiny or as colorful as possible! Once you finish, show it off and enjoy!