Summer service learning opportunities


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For many highschool students, dragging your feet with service hours is easy, but once the deadline to submit comes around, you’re scrambling. Earning those hours in a pandemic isn’t a walk in the park either but this summer you can take advantage of the outdoors and get a head start on your service learning! Keep reading for some easy and fun service opportunities to do over the summer.

If any of these service projects and opportunities fit your fancy, you should have no problem filling this summer with ways to give back! If you’re interested in a few more volunteer ideas, Teen Life has quite a detailed list! In light of the world’s current situation, there is nothing we need more than for more young people to give back to it. There is no doubt that this summer will be full of opportunities and new beginnings!


Clean up some cigarette butts around your neighborhood! sponsors a service project that encourages kids to participate in a nature protection project by picking up cigarette butts in local parks, neighborhoods, parking lots, school yards, etc. They specify that this effort aims to “protect humans, animals, and the environment” together. It can even prevent deadly wildfires and ocean pollution. Additionally, offers a $1000 scholarship to a lucky participant! Visit their website to join the effort!

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Volunteer to coach or referee for a youth sports league.

If you have a passion for any outdoor sport consider looking into becoming a coach or referee for a local youth sports league. You will gain experience teaching young children, improving your sports knowledge, and not to mention the bonds you’ll make with some pretty promising young athletes. The kids will look up to you and might even become inspired to go pro because of you! It’s not just for the service hours, but for the experience.

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Help out at an animal adoption event!
If you love pets it’s certain you’ll love to help find homes for lonely ones too! Many animal shelters host adoption events at local parks or pet stores that you can offer your services to. They’re looking for volunteers that can handle animals well and work hard to promote their cause. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is constantly looking for volunteers, check out their website for more information!

How I Found Lucky Dog and Became A Master Handler | Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
Image via Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Volunteer at a 5K or Walk-A-Thon!

During the pandemic there haven’t been very many 5K charity runs or walk-a-thon type events being held. But once they start to pop up again, they can be  a great opportunity to earn service hours! You can choose to run a water station, or hand out runners’ numbers. Most events will also need volunteers to help sell t-shirts, hand out food, collect donations, or hand out flyers. These events can last a little longer, but they’re worth the effort! Girls On the Run is just one of many organizations that hosts 5K events. Click here for more information on their volunteer offers. 

Girls on the Run: Nonprofit keeps girls active and healthy despite pandemic  challenges - Atlanta Intown
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Plant a Tree!

Gather up some friends and get your shovels ready for this sciency service opportunity. Planting trees is a great way to improve neighborhood beautification and give back to the environment. You should make sure to get approval from your community or HOA before just planting around the neighborhood. Even starting with a few in your backyard makes a difference! For those with a green thumb, check out for more information on tree planting opportunities!

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