Bathroom stalls upgraded by students


Abigail Paulikonis, Staff Writer

The first round of  painting South Lakes’ bathroom stalls was completed by 25 students who volunteered to go into school on February 27, 2021. This bathroom painting was a project that started in 2019 by a senior who graduated last year, but it was never completed. This year, some Leadership students took initiative and finished what had been started. 

Senior Matthew Castillo painting stalls – Image courtesy of SLHS Leadership

Annika Yu, a junior and Leadership student said, “It was a project that many leadership students have tried to complete throughout the years, but this year we finally had the opportunity because there were no people in school so we could have time to paint the bathrooms on a large scale.” 

Junior Maya Berry painting stalls – Image courtesy of SLHS Leadership

The students broke up this painting into two days. The first day took them six hours and the second took around five hours. The designs you see on the stalls were submitted by South Lakes students to the staff for approval. In a design they were looking for themes for each bathroom and inspirational quotes for the students to see on their way into the bathroom.

Image courtesy of SLHS Leadership

Yu said “After so many years we finally painted all the student bathroom stalls, and all of the volunteers did an amazing job. I couldn’t have organized the project without the help of the Leadership Team!” 

Image courtesy of SLHS Leadership

As students return to the building for more in-person learning, more students get the chance to see the new bathrooms!