No Stress, Just Stretching. SLHS Introduces a Yoga Class


Photo via Loren Townsley/Las Vegas Review Journal

Camilla Wynes, Co Student Life Editor

Schools aren’t known for their calming environment, but South Lakes has recently introduced a new class in hopes to change that. The excitement felt when the Yoga elective option was discovered was immeasurable.

Stepping foot into such a class, you don’t quite know what to expect. It is safe for me to say that expectations were met. Never have I felt so at peace during a school day, the harsh contrast between yoga and any other class is palpable. No pressure, no stress, just stretching. 

Ms. Girdy, the yoga teacher, has students push themselves to do their best but never to an extent to where they feel pain. From athletes, to dancers, to people who needed to fill up another elective, the mix of students you will take this class with will only enhance the experience. This is a class for everyone, no matter flexibility, strength, or any other factor that could hold you back attending.

This class allows you to tune out the rest of your day. The atmosphere provides a safe haven in this building of chaos. But how can this be a class, and not a club? It sounds too good to be true. It’s not. SLHS made a wise decision in making this class a reality, it has been proven that it will not only reduce stress but also improve academic performance.

Glowing reviews from past students sweeten the deal. “Yoga is the best class that I’ve ever taken.” Keenan Engle, SLHS graduate says, “It has a perfect mix of activity and mindfulness that would ensure I started every blue day fully awake and with a positive mindset.”

“It’s a good time,” says Tommy Smith, a current South Lakes yoga student. 

There are no words to express how beneficial this class has been for me personally. The mix of light cardio, stretching, and meditation combined into a class adds to the allure. It’s hard to resist adding into your schedule.