How to get reorganized for second semester


Photo via Psychological Science

Losing a week of second quarter had many students and teachers up in a twirl because of all the time that was lost. The week back from winter break was supposed to be used for them to review and go over materials that were going to be on the tests before the quarter ended. A great way to start off the third quarter is by reorganizing things and actually making routines that are easy to follow.

Create a simple routine

There are many different ways to follow and make a routine. A great way to start is by setting up a sleep and waking up time. This can be a simple way to get into the mindset and staying consistent will be a big help in the long run. There may be some lazy days in between but at least there is something to go off of when the sluggish feeling is gone. 

Set rules

Studying rules can help stop people from procrastinating. The rules don’t need to be harsh or extremely specific. Some examples can be finishing the assignment one day before the due date, keeping all distractions in another room or doing 25% of the work on the day it is assigned. 

Time to take a break

Although it is great to work hard, a break from time to time can prevent burnouts and stress. For example, if there are five assignments that need to get done on the same day, set a five minute break every hour.

Use a planner or agenda notebook

Planners are very useful for organizing because it’ll be easier to have a visual idea of what needs to be done first. It doesn’t leave out anything and it’ll be there in case someone needs to confirm that it was finished or when it was finished. 

Break big assignments into parts

Looking at big assignments like projects or essays can be very overwhelming. Break it up into different parts or set dates when certain parts should be completed. If it’s a group assignment, it’s best to communicate with other group members and ask for input before making big changes.

There are many different ways to reorganize and it depends on how much someone is willing to put into it. The only way that these tips will work is if there are no excuses or reasons to postpone them. With that being said, hopefully these tips can help a lot during the last few months of school!