Boys 600 Bathrooms Closed for Remainder of the Year Due to Vandalism


Photo via Chloe Baker

“For whatever reason, the students at this school take joy in vandalizing our property here”. 

This is not the first time that the 600 bathrooms have had to close their doors, so it comes as no surprise that a recent scandal this early in the year has already dictated this action for the remainder of it. Tucked away in the new wing, most students think that these bathrooms are the nicest and most well kept ones. They may be nice, but they also happen to be the ones that get vandalized the most. 

In an interview with head of school security, Mr. Williams, I learned the longstanding history of problems that arise in these facilities. “That bathroom, on four or five occasions, has been vandalized to the extent that it’s no longer sanitary,” he said. Since it is more secluded than the other bathrooms, people think that they can go there to vape, do drugs, and mess around because security doesn’t check it as often, however, that is far from the truth. 

“On this last occasion, we had someone take six soap dispensers off the wall, they broke a toilet off the floor, and they took all seven of the sinks that are in there and turned the faucets to the left so that if someone activated them, they would flood the floor”, explained Mr. Williams. To many students, an act like this sounds like something out of a movie, or a senseless thing that wouldn’t happen here, but it did not amaze Mr. Williams as this is a “routine thing that happens up here, people just think they can do whatever they want”. 

There is reason to believe that a TikTok trend is influencing students to vandalize, and even steal things from the schools which they attend. Mr. Williams thinks that Tiktok has something to do with the most recent incident. 

While some students believe that the 600 bathrooms will eventually reopen with time, according to Mr. Williams, that is unlikely. Incidents done like this by a fraction of students at our school impact all of us as a whole. Hopefully people will learn to treat this building with more respect.