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QRU? Becky Oswalt

Rachel Rogers, online editor

September 17, 2012

Senior Becky Oswalt is a SGA council member who enjoys making sure the school events run smoothly for the student body. What is your official title? I am part of the Student Government Association Executive Council. What do you do? We do the morning announcements and are in charge of the event ag...

QRU? Junior exchange student Valentin Ulrich

QRU? Junior exchange student Valentin Ulrich

Viviana Del Toro, photo editor

September 13, 2012

German exchange student Valentin Ulrich moved to the United States July 25 and plans to stay until sometime in June. Where are you from? I am from Munich, Germany. I was born there and I pretty much gave up what I had there to come here. Why did you move to the United States? I like the Un...

QRU? Andi Scholl

Emily Lipscomb, special issues editor

September 13, 2012

After practicing psychology for the last 25 years in places like North Carolina and New York, Andi Scholl will become a school psychologist for South Lakes. This being your first year at South Lakes, where were you working before? Before, I was working at Crossfield Elementary and Brookfield E...

QRU? Career specialist Karen Burke

QRU? Career specialist Karen Burke

Haley Vaughn, sports editor

September 12, 2012

Karen Burke has been the career center specialist at South Lakes for the last four years. She advises students on post-secondary school options and offers guidance to all students about career options as well. Why should students visit the career center? As the career center specialist, I am...

QRU? Senior Britte Baussus

Rachel Rogers, online editor

September 10, 2012

Senior Britte Baussus is a new student at South Lakes who recently moved to Virginia from Texas. Baussus comes with a special trio of siblings. Where did you live in Texas? I lived in Dallas, Fort Worth in Arlington. It’s kind of like  D.C. has Arlington, but in Texas. Why did you move to Virginia? The schools...

Freshman Erin Dlott attending summer dance program

Sabrina Nasir, contributing writer

June 11, 2012

Freshman Erin Dlott will be attending a six week dance program in Austin, Texas. The program will take place from June 15-July 29. Dlott is mainly a ballet dancer but she also takes jazz, contemporary, and modern. Dlott has been dancing ever since she was five when her mother put her in dance lessons.  “I’m...

QRU? Freshman Joseph Hosi

Pierre Giaon

March 19, 2012

Freshman Joseph Hosi is on the South Lakes swim team. Despite being diagnosed with tendonitis, Hosi has been competing for 2 years. Why do you do swimming? Because I got diagnosed with tendonitis which did not allow me to do much and because it’s really fun. Tendonitis is an inflammation to ...

QRU? Senior Jordan Francis

QRU? Senior Jordan Francis

Viviana Del Toro, staff writer

December 19, 2011

Senior Jordan Francis was recognized as the athlete of the week last week by the leadership class. What sparked your interest in basketball? My dad used to play throughout high school and college, so it was natural for me to try it out. I liked it so I kept playing. What is your connection to ba...

QRU? Freshman Ashley Birman

Neal Thrailkill, contributing writer

December 16, 2011

Freshman Ashley Birman has been dancing for many years. She performs different styles of dance. Do you like dancing? I love dancing; it’s a nice way to express yourself. It’s different every time and you can do it by yourself or with a team. What types of dance do you do? I do modern,...

QRU? Freshman Alison LeMair

Neal Thrailkill, contributing writer

October 14, 2011

Freshman Alison LeMair has been all over the world.  She has lived in Japan and Germany, and has traveled throughout Europe.  LaMair is also member of the JV cheerleading squad. What place have you enjoyed living in the most? Germany, because they have great skiing and there is a military ba...

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