QRU? Seniors Lucie Vleugels and Ellie Fialk


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Seniors Lucie Vleugels and Ellie Fialk are entering a competition to create a mural by the new Metro station on Whiele.

What is this mural competition?

“It is a competition to earn the right to create art along a designated area on a wall near Whiele’s new metro station,” Fialk said. “We’re trying to submit a proposal, and the students with the best proposal will earn the right, so if our proposal is accepted we will be doing it.”

How many students will be selected?

“The number isn’t definite yet because they are still trying to figure out exactly how the competition plays out,” Vleugels said.

What ideas do you have for your art piece?

“It’s possibly going to be a mural but we are not sure. We are going to do patterns and things like that, so it’s not going to be conceptual it’s going to be aesthetically and visually pleasing,” Fialk said.  “Everyone’s eyeballs are going to be pleased so we are very excited,” Vleugels said.

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