Dunlap aspires to become professional actress


Dunlap preforms the Arabian Dance of Nutcracker


What would it feel like to be in Lily Dunlap’s shoes? She’s a normal student but she, like most of us, has a burning passion for something.

“When I get out of high school, I want to become a professional actress,” Dunlap said.

When she was four, her mother showed her classic movies. She was immediately hooked, fascinated by the characters and their personalities. Dunlap wanted to be them and realized she could portray them on stage at age seven during her first play.

“I taught myself from looking in the mirror,” Dunlap said. “I repeated facial expressions, went to plays and watched films, and practiced overall.”

Her practicing earned her a role in theatre arts’ production of “Legally Blonde.” She plays the evil Chutney, Brooke’s daughter in law and is also in the dance group.

Not only does Dunlap have the responsibilities of a high school student and an actress, she takes ballet classes as well.

“It’s very tough,” Dunlap said, “Most people don’t see it as a sport, but I personally think it is a sport and a form of entertainment. It is great exercise and teaches many great lessons on and off stage.”

For her, the best part of acting is no longer being “Lily.” She loves playing her character and making them come alive, though, acting is not always easy.

“Acting can be very stressful because you have to memorize lines,” Dunlap said, “And if it’s improv, it’s even more scary because you have to think of stuff on the dot. Not getting a lead role hurts a bit, but getting to be a part of a show is still an honor. Lead roles are great but like the wonderful Ginger Rogers said, ‘there are no small parts, only small actors.’”