QRU? Freshman Alison LeMair

Neal Thrailkill, contributing writer

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Freshman Alison LeMair has been all over the world.  She has lived in Japan and Germany, and has traveled throughout Europe.  LaMair is also member of the JV cheerleading squad.

What place have you enjoyed living in the most?

Germany, because they have great skiing and there is a military base called Edelweiss.  There is a pool and a bunch of cool shops, and the kids got to do whatever they wanted to.

What is your favorite place in Germany?

Zugspitze, the mountain in Paramount Pictures’ logo.  It is a great mountain for skiing.

Why do you like skiing?

I like skiing because in the Alps the snow is really soft.

What do you like most about cheerleading?

Stunting, because it’s the most athletic aspect in cheerleading.

How did your team place in the U.S. finals?

We got fourth place, but I think that we should’ve finished first.

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