QRU? Annemarie Bresson and Emanuel Corps-Ortiz

Zainab Qamar, staff writer

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Seniors Annemarie Bresson and Emanuel Corps-Ortiz have been dating for two years and four months. They are excited to spend Valentine’s Day together again this year.

What did you guys do last year for Valentine’s Day?

Emmanuel: Well since it was on a school day we didn’t really do much. During school I told her that I wasn’t going to get her anything just to mess with her, but I got her a bouquet of flowers and chocolate, you know normal stuff, nothing special. We’re not an extravagant couple.

Annemarie: Last year I baked him cupcakes, they were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and I cut out strawberry hearts and put them on top. And I found this really cute elephant bowl and I gave it to him.

What do you like most about each other?

Emanuel: There’s really nothing that I don’t like. I really love her personality, she says she doesn’t look good but she’s beautiful. I love the way she treats me, everything really. There’s nothing bad that I can say about her.

Annemarie: My favorite thing about him is his personality because he is the sweetest person ever.

What is your favorite memory with each other?

Emanuel: Our first time interacting as a couple was great. We also went on a road trip with her mom, down to Florida and that was really fun. We’re not like the couple that goes on dates every Friday; we normally just hang out at each other’s house.

Annemarie: It was definitely on our second anniversary when he gave me my ring. He was so sweet and surprisingly shy. But in a cheesy way, it was quite perfect.

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