QRU? Anne DiMaio

Sarah Wood, staff writer

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Freshman Anne DiMaio made her first homerun during the game against Robinson on Wednesday. She is one of two freshmen that are on the varsity softball team.

What was it like to make your first homerun?

I did not realize that I had made a homerun until I was out of the infield. When I hit third base, I saw that the outfielder had stopped running to the fence because the ball went over. My third base coach gave me a high five and the team attacked me at home plate.

What is it like being a freshman on varsity?

I have been playing softball since I was five but it is very intimidating being a freshman on varsity. I’ve played with all of the players before so I knew them all.

How do you think the rest of the season is going to go?

I hope that we are going to do well. So far we have won against Parkview and Robinson. We play Centreville tonight and they are supposedly better then both of the teams we have played. I think we will be alright but I’m worried about the big teams including Stone Bridge, McLean, and Madison.

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