QRU? Senior Noah Kreider

Meaghan McIntyre


Founder of religious Truth Be Told club, senior Noah Kreider, believes that his faith strongly affects his life.

How important is your faith to you? Does it influence the way you live your life?

Faith is very important to me, and I try to base my life around my faith. Every action I make, I really try to reflect on what the Bible is teaching and Jesus’s example. It can be hard in high school and I had to go through my own trials to really find my faith.

Other than Truth Be Told, what religious activities are you involved in? Have you been on any mission trips?

I have been on trips to help serve in Cambodia, France, Hawaii, Texas and other parts of the country. I am involved in a lot of activities with my church and with the organization of HOPE Worldwide.

How did you become involved with your church and what made you want to stick with it?

After the trip to Texas I decided I wanted to really go after my personal relationship with God. Going to church and church activities are because I love God and being around people that share in that. I go to a non-denominational international church, meaning it is a part of the International Church of Christ, and I have been able to make friends from all over the world that have the same life and doctrine as me. They help motivate me to want to share my faith with others, and for other people to see that God and his word have so much more to offer than just a church service every Sunday. Although I would consider myself religious, because that is the title that is usually given to people who are active in religious activities, I would say that my relationship with God is what fuels me to continue to go to church and search out more about him.