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Senior Olivia Wolfe, an executive council member, provides insight into the leadership program.

What does the leadership program do for our school and community?

Our leadership class does a lot with planning all aspects of homecoming week. From spirit week (spirit days and lunch games), to the pep rally, the parade, and powder puff. We also do a lot of service projects with Make A Wish Foundation, and other organizations around the community. This year the SGA Executive council planned, organized and ran the Block party which is a big part of both South lakes and the community!

Why would you encourage a student to join leadership?

 I would encourage everyone to join the leadership class because it really does show you how amazing the people working at South Lakes are. It really helps the students form a closer relationship with the administration which can be really helpful, and it’s a great lesson for speaking and working with adults (good opportunity for practice for the real world). It not only looks good on college applications, but it also prepares you really well for the future, and dealing with big projects and some really hard challenges. It’s also a lot of fun, we do lots of bonding stuff, and it really is a great way to make new friends and improve your leadership skills.

Is there a lot of work required for a student in leadership?

 Students in leadership do have to devote a lot to the class, but there is never really an issue with it taking over time for other classes, sports, or any other extracurriculars. It takes a lot of dedication though.

How often are leadership classes/meetings held and would it take a lot of time?

 Sometimes it does involve working after school, whether it is to make banners, or help show parents around for back to school night. We always have class during 5thperiod, but some things (usually dealing with homecoming week) take place outside of class, like meetings with administration, video making, and fundraising.

What are some of the responsibilities leadership students have?

 As a leadership students, we have a lot of responsibilities. Some include being role models for our peers, liaisons between administration and student body, preparing powder puff, spirit week, homecoming parade, and all the pep rallies. We are also responsible for keep the school up to date on events and activities. Each student also has a semester job, whether it is going to PTA meetings, meeting and mentoring the freshman class council, keeping up with all the bulletin boards, school beautification, and much more.

Does a student in leadership have more say in school wide decision making than a student not enrolled in leadership?

Leadership students often have better relationships with administrators because of our daily contact with them about projects and such, but leadership really wants to encourage the student body to come with us about any concerns, recommendations, or comments that we could pass along to administration, or even things about homecoming week and other school functions. We are the voice of the student body, we speak for them, not over them.

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