Amy’s Amigos raises over $30,000 for cancer research

Sarah Davidson, contributing writer

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Amy’s Amigos, a student run group started by freshman Olivia Wolfe in 2008, has raised over $30,000 for brain tumor and cancer research since it’s initiation in 2008.

The group was started for Amy Boyle, a classmate, teammate, and friend who battled a brain tumor for several years, but passed away in 2008.

“When I found out Amy was diagnosed, I wanted to do something in her honor,” said Wolfe.

The group began that year to show support for Amy while she was in treatment, and since then has made thousands of dollars through candy sales and special events. All of the money raised is donated to brain cancer and brain tumor research.

Amy’s Amigos started as group of Amy’s friends who wanted to support her when she was diagnosed and has grown into something much bigger.

“At the beginning, we had about 10 people, but now it’s grown to be 40 or 50 students,” said Wolfe. “We never thought we’d do this well.”

For the past four years, the group has participated in the annual Relay for Life. This year, two teams combined to raise over $7,500.

The group recently started a new project, the Reston Youth Triathlon, held for the first time at South Lakes on May 22. The race was for kids aged 6-15, and the distance was determined by age group.

“Amy was really athletic. We wanted to do something that would incorporate that, as well as kids from the community,” said freshman Hannah Becker.

All of the proceeds from the race were donated to the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation. Amy’s Amigos plans to continue and grow the triathlon in years to come.

“It was a great leap for Amy’s Amigos to start something bigger, and something new,” said Wolfe.

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