Students Showcase Their Skills in the Spring Musical


Photo via Matthew Mitrani (mm_snips/Instagram)

It seems that the theater department’s attempt to hypnotize South Lakes into attending their spring production of “Crazy for You” via the morning announcements was a success. From April 28th to April 31st, students at South Lakes put on a production of the musical about a boy, a girl, and a soon-to-be foreclosed theater. Starring August Rivers and Abby Jamison in the leading roles of Bobby Child and Polly Baker, the western themed musical was far from a barnyard explosion. 

With both energetic ensemble numbers and wistful ballads, the story follows Bobby, a banker’s son, as he journeys out West to escape his unfulfilling life in New York City and to foreclose a run down theater in Nevada. However, soon after his arrival he meets the daughter of the theater owner, Polly, and falls in love. In an attempt to get Polly to reciprocate his feelings, Bobby impersonates wealthy producer Bela Zangler and stages a production in order to save the theater.

The spring musical is a big production that often demands a lot of time from the participants, but creates a truly memorable product.

“The more you care about a show the more stressful it is trying to make it great, so there have been some rehearsals and some days where everyone has been so exhausted and upset afterwards, and then there have been rehearsals where everything has gone right, and everyone’s so excited and just ecstatic about the show,” remarked lead actress Abby Jamison.

The cast was a mix of students in the theater and choral departments, and it was clear that all members of both cast and crew were passionate about making the musical a success. It was a great opportunity for both the experienced performers and burgeoning actors to showcase their talents after a return to in-person schooling.

“I love musical theater,” Jamison confirmed. “I hadn’t gotten the chance to do either of the past two years’ school musicals, but I did do a lot of musical theater outside of school, so now that we’re finally having an in person musical, I was like, ‘Oh I have to audition,’ it wasn’t even like, a thought.”

Audiences seemed thrilled after every performance, with loud cheers and applause following every number. As the cast took their final bows, the audience leapt to their feet, and when the curtains closed there was an eager spill towards the doors as the main hallway quickly filled with congratulatory chatter. It was a high note to end on, but still left a bittersweet feeling in the cast and crew. As the season draws to a close, the theater department hopes that audiences will look at musicals in a new light.

“Honestly, I just hope that [students] all see how cool of an experience theater is. Obviously I want everyone to audition or apply to tech the shows… because it’s a lovely way to explore an environment you might not have not experienced before,” stage manager Ellie Ngo commented. “But regardless of if they do or not, I just want them all to enjoy the shows and continue coming to them.”

Be sure to check out the next South Lakes production in the coming school year!