Britney Spears’ Conservatorship


Rich Fury

Britney Spears attends the Clive Davis and The Recording Academy Pre-Grammy Gala in 2017, in Beverly Hills, California, USA. (Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, had her conservatorship terminated on September 9th, 2021. Her father, James Spears, was controlling and possessive with Britney’s social and professional life, including her finances. Judge Brenda J. Penny suspended James Spears who had held the role of Conservator for thirteen years. Thanks to the advocacy of the Free Britney Movement, Britney Spears herself has finally been given the chance to speak out about her situation. On Instagram, Britney Spears thanked her fans and expressed her immense joy and gratitude.

The Free Britney Movement was established in 2008, with the motive to grant Britney her rights. During that year, Britney lost custody of her children, was forced to divorce her ex-husband Kevin Ferderline, attacked paparazzi, and then shaved her head. Britney was admitted to a psychiatric institute on account, where blood and drug tests were given. The media and tabloids placed Britney under intense scrutiny.

Typically, conservatorships are reserved for the elderly or people with an illness or disability. However, in Britney’s case, this was for her mental health. After conservatorships become permanent, they will cease to exist only when proven that the individual is capable of taking care of themselves.

“The conservatorship has helped Britney get through a major life crisis, rehabilitate, advance her career, and put her finances and affairs in order. But recently, things have changed. [She] is now outspoken in her frustration level of control imposed by a conservatorship, and has pleaded with the Court to ‘let her have her life back.’” stated NBC news on September 7th. The pop star had been attempting to remove her father from the conservatorship for the past two years.

On Instagram, Britney explained how she always felt pressured, no matter what she did: “I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people! It takes a lot of strength to trust the universe with your real vulnerability ‘cause I’ve been judged, insulted, and embarrassed by the media, and I still am till this day!”

According to Britney’s legal team, James Spears appointed a security team of his own in order to surveil his daughter, and stole millions of dollars from her work. The security team appointed stood behind her in photos, but the level of authority they had is unknown. A former security member, who had watched over the singer for nine years, reported that he was supposed to erase a flash drive containing sensitive information; however, the security member kept a copy of it according to Good Morning America.

As of September 9th, 2021, her conservatorship was terminated and Britney is finally free to live her life as a successful and independent woman. She thanked all of the people who supported her throughout the Free Britney Movement, and she is excited to move forward unhindered by the control of her father that she lived with for so long.