QRU? student ice hockey coach senior Spencer Smith


Charlotte Smith

Senior Spencer Smith, a student ice hockey coach, poses in his new coach jacket in the front office.


After playing ice hockey for four years, senior Spencer Smith was rendered unable to play two years ago due to complications of Lyme disease. Since then, Smith has been named the ice hockey club’s first official student coach.

How do you feel being the first-ever student coach?

It’s a good middle ground as far as still being a part of the team while not being able to play.

Why do you think you were chosen as student coach?

I’ve always had a good relationship with the coaches. Even when I couldn’t play, I added a lot to the team by just being there.

What are your responsibilities as student coach?

I help design practices, work on strategies for the team and I am a liaison between players and coaches.

What is your favorite part about being student coach?

My favorite part is still being able to be a part of the team. I do it because I love hockey.

How do you anticipate tonight’s game against Loudon Valley/Woodgrove?

We’ve gotten off to a rough start this season but we should play really well tonight. We play at the Ashburn Ice House at 9:20 p.m.