QRU? Senior Britte Baussus

Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers, online editor

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Senior Britte Baussus is a new student at South Lakes who recently moved to Virginia from Texas. Baussus comes with a special trio of siblings.

Where did you live in Texas?

I lived in Dallas, Fort Worth in Arlington. It’s kind of like  D.C. has Arlington, but in Texas.

Why did you move to Virginia?

The schools here are better and we had a house up here, so we decided to move.

Why did you choose to attend South Lakes?

It’s close to our house and my Dad went to W.T. Woodson High School, so he knows the area. We visited the school earlier and Mom was sold. We met Mr. Butler and he was great and there were no fights or pants hanging low.

How many siblings do you have?

I have four siblings. My three brothers are sophomores here and are triplets. My younger sister is in seventh grade at Langston Hughes, so the transition wasn’t as hard for her.

How does South Lakes compare to your old school?

The education is better and there is a greater student-teacher relationship in the classes.

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