QRU? Freshman Broadway Night performer Nathan Nkomba

Freshman Nathan Nkomba smiles in the cafeteria during lunch.

Soemi Photavath

Freshman Nathan Nkomba smiles in the cafeteria during lunch.

Freshman Nathan Nkomba shares his experience from this year’s Broadway Night.

Was it your first time performing in Broadway Night?

No, I’ve been in the show every year since seventh grade, so it’s my third year.

How was this years’ experience compared to your previous years?

It was better this year because I am actually in high school, so I felt more connected and more part of the show. When you are in it as a younger kid, it’s harder to really understand what’s happening.

How did you prepare for the show?

I basically just went over my part over and over until I memorized all my songs.

What were some of your emotions right before the show?

I was pumped to do it, but I was also kind of nervous about missing my lines.

What songs did you preform?

First, I performed in “Bad Bad News,” which was the all-boys number, and they even gave me a solo to sing do in it. Then I did “Brand New You,” which was the big full cast song at the end.

How was the night overall?

It was pretty fun, but it was really hectic. I would say it’s still better than going to a chorus concert because it’s filled with a bunch of crazy stuff.

Will you participate in it in future years?

Yes. I can’t wait.