Students prepare to compete in 2014 Japan Bowl


Japanese students are getting ready to compete in the 2014 Japan Bowl competition starting on April 10 in Washington D.C.

The Japan-American Society created this vigorous competition in order to help students around the nation learn Japanese, its history, its culture, and its relationship with America. The competition tests the achievements of high schools around the United States in levels two, three, and four. The winning team of level four is declared National Champion and is also awarded with a free trip to Japan.

Japan Bowl lasts for two days, and everyone competes in the preliminary round. The first day consists of a number of tests about Japanese and its culture, including grammar, history, and daily society. Next day is the conversational part, which is the hardest according to the students that participated in Japan Bowl last year.

“It’s a very competitive, stressful competition, but there is also some fun involved,” sophomore, Alan Zheng said. In the years past, students have joined cultural workshops that feature activities such as calligraphy and origami. In addition to that, students have learned how to wear a kimono and play the koto.  “I’m excited to meet other teens around the United States who have the same interest in the Japanese culture. It should be an adventure.”

Zheng is a player on level three.

In preparation, students meet every Monday for two hours. Participants need to work because there are so many aspects to cover, such as Japanese idioms and onomatopoeia.

“I think this year’s going to turn out spectacular,” Japanese teacher Podell Sensei said. “What I foward to the most is crushing the competition.”

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