Katsucon 2019


Photo courtesy of Kristina Schwarzkopf

Kristina Schwarzkopf, staff writer

Were you bored this past Valentine’s weekend? You wouldn’t have been if you were one of the several thousands of people who spent that time at Katsucon, a well-known anime, comic book, videogame and movie convention that takes place annually at the National Harbor in DC. Katsucon, with its hundreds of professional and amateur cosplayers, is always a blast and 2019 was no exception. There are all sorts of different panels – ranging from meeting minor celebrities and getting signatures, to groups of fans gushing over their shared interests. They’ve also got plenty of activities like arts and crafts, learning about Japanese culture, and enjoying the video game room. Within these activities lies competitions where you can win actual trophies for things like Mario Kart tournaments, or simply the respect of your peers in minor contests like “Guess That Theme Song.” Whatever you play, you’re sure to have a great time and maybe win some hardware.

One of the most interesting parts about Katsucon is how National Harbor looks during the convention season. It’s like a whole new world! Nearly every person is dressed up in costumes, but unlike Halloween, the atmosphere is more refined. You don’t feel like a little kid dressing up (more like someone at a huge holiday party that lasts for four days). You can tell by looking around that these people are professionals and costumes are their art form. Sometimes you can even see people professionally modeling for photos. If you do dress up yourself that moment when someone comes up to you and says that you’re their favorite character and they would love to take a picture with you makes you feel like a celebrity. As always, Katsucon 2019 was a blast and 2020 is sure to be even better.