How to Stay Cool This Summer

Image via iStock

Image via iStock

Madeline Miller, Staff Writer

As the summer rolls in, the heat and humidity does as well. Although it makes for a great pool day, it can become difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, avoiding the hot weather is possible, just  plan accordingly.


Heat-related illnesses including heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke are all avoidable with a little planning. These problems are sure to ruin summer fun, so it’s best to avoid too much sun time.


Drink water, seems simple, but it is easy to get dehydrated without even knowing it. Many people will wait until they are thirsty, but drinking water consistently will provide the essentials to avoid sickness. 


Wearing light-weight and lightly colored clothing. When a person wears thick, dark clothes, it can make it so that the heat gets trapped against their body. Dark colors are also proven to attract more sunlight, causing the sun to remain pinned to someone. In order to avoid this uncomfortable heat, wearing breathable clothes can be a great solution.


Plan the day around the highest temperatures. The day is at its warmest from 11 a.m to 2 p.m, so doing outdoor activities before or after those times can help make being outdoors more pleasant and less dangerous when the temperatures get too high. Always check the weather to be on top of  when the temperature will peak. 


Although it is fun to be outside in the warm weather, it is also important to stay healthy. Seek air conditioning and avoid overheating. Pay attention to your body and the warning signs. 


Give these ideas a try and you’re sure to stay cool. Enjoy the summertime and stay healthy. Getting sun is fun, but safety comes first!