QRU? Junior exchange student Valentin Ulrich

Viviana Del Toro

Viviana Del Toro, photo editor

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German exchange student Valentin Ulrich moved to the United States July 25 and plans to stay until sometime in June.

Where are you from?

I am from Munich, Germany. I was born there and I pretty much gave up what I had there to come here.

Why did you move to the United States?

I like the United States and I want to become fluent in English. I like the American culture, I think it’s very different from the German. I also like to travel and I want to visit the world.

What do you like about South Lakes so far?

I like it a lot here. Everyone is so friendly and I like all of my classes. The school is so big and I had troubles finding my classes. One thing that is very different from Germany is that here you are allowed to choose your own classes. I think it’s cool.

Any interesting facts?

I am a vegetarian and I did gymnastics for four years.

Do you plan on playing any sports?

I wanted to do football or cross country, but it’s too late to join now. I am thinking of joining the swim team or track and field.


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