Making Couture in COVID — South Lakes students enter in fashion show


Image courtesy of Alenoush Davis

Camilla Wynes, Staff Writer

Fashion is a passion for many students but a future career for very few and a Fairfax Academy program is here to change that. 


South Lakes student Alenoush Davis described her experiences with this program and how it’s suffered because of covid restrictions. Although she was able to make beautiful pieces for the documentary (aired May 21st), the class had some major setbacks along the way.

Almost all the work students did for the fashion course did was completed at home. This meant they were designing and sewing garments without all the nice equipment and fabric they would have had in the building. 


Davis found the program stressful at home and thought of dropping the class for a while, since she had to pay for her own materials and got no reimbursement for the money that was spent. In the end, she stuck to her love for fashion designing and sewing.

Delia Hartman modeling “Jailbreak” — Images courtesy of Alenoush Davis

Though there were many challenges Davis worked hard to complete her looks. The class’ students typically made five pieces, but this year they reduced it to three. Davis feels this may still have been too many. 


Davis tapped fellow South Lakes senior Delia Hartman to model the pieces. Delia is an actress who plans to study musical theatre in college, which helped with filming. Alenoush Davis’ choice to name her collection of looks “Jailbreak” and theme it around the suffragette movement meant many unique pieces were brought to life!