Thanksgiving Side Dishes to make your meal even better


Photo via King Arthur Baking

Thanksgiving is all about the amazing side dishes that compliment the main course. Side dishes give everyone a glimpse of the food sitting on the table. Whether the dishes are something new or a classic, they definitely fulfil everyone’s taste buds.  

Mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are a MUST on Thanksgiving. The creamy texture with the perfect seasoning is what makes this dish so special. This recipe by Ali contains different ways to customize the dish for personal taste preferences and other methods on how to make it. 

Green bean casserole:

This simple, creamy dish can be made in many different ways with at least five ingredients. This recipe by Lauren Miyashiro shows many different ways this dish can be made and the alternative ingredients that can be used to make it. 

Pumpkin dinner rolls:

To add in the fall flavors to Thanksgiving, everyone needs to try these soft and fluffy pumpkin-flavored dinner rolls. This recipe by the King Arthur Baking Team goes well with many other side dishes like soups.

Broccoli salad:

This is something very easy and simple to make, yet it always finds its way to come up on dining tables. Broccoli salads are great for side dishes because they fit well in any occasion like Thanksgiving. This recipe by Sam gives a very detailed description of how she makes her broccoli salad and tips on how to make it.

Baked sweet potato:

Although many restaurants serve this, the crisp skin and tender insides never get tiring to eat. This recipe by Jeanine and Jack shows exactly how to get that crispy skin and delicious flavors. 

Roasted cauliflower:

There are many ways to use cauliflower in dishes, but roasting it is one of the best ways to have it done. Roasting allows all the flavors to come into the cauliflower and have them in each bite. This recipe by Amanda Hesser has brought joy to many others and is very easy to make with only four ingredients. 

These side dishes are only one of the many other dishes that can be made for Thanksgiving. There are many other websites that can give more ideas on what to make and a variety of recipes that are all made differently. From the ingredients to the procedures, there is definitely one recipe made that will help satisfy everyone for Thanksgiving.