Sincerelly, Kentrell Review


Photo via Spotify

On September 24, 2021 NBA Youngboy released his third studio album, “Sincerely, Kentrell”. This album includes  no features and 21 songs. He released five singles from the album before he officially released the album. The five singles being Toxic Punk, White Teeth, Nevada, Life Support, and On My Side. NBA Youngboy’s first two albums went certified RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) platinum. He also has 15 mixtapes that he has released since 2015. The album was rumored around February 2021 when he released the single Toxic Punk. 

“Sincerely, Kentrell” has a different vibe than most of his other albums. NBA Youngboy is known for being a “menace” but most people do not realize why he is the way he is. He is perceived this way because of his lyrics and ignorant behavior. This album definitely shows a different side of the rapper. A lot of the songs on this album sound like NBA Youngboy reflecting on his life. 

“The album isn’t his best but it’s good car riding music. I feel the album could’ve used more hype songs than the melodic songs,” says Jaiden Huntley, senior at South Lakes “I think it sounds like his other albums but most songs have a different vibe. It may also be his last album, hence the name Sincerely, Kentrell” he says.

Personally, I feel as though it will get better with time and will grow on more people. I like the fact that it has absolutely no features that just makes me like the album more because more work went into it. I also like the promotion that they put around the album. His promotion team used the #YBBETTER to promote it as well which started on social media as a joke.

Simply put, I do believe that Youngboy is better than your favorite rapper. I mean he has 50 certified platinum singles, 15 mixtapes, and three studio albums, currently NBA Youngboy is in jail (again) he was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing a firearm not registered to him. He has been to jail five times since 2015, his last arrest being September 2020.