Kabul Kabob Keeps Customers Coming Back for More

Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan, which explains the name and influence for the menu. Afghanistan is known for its products made of wheat, maize, barley, rice, milk, yogurt and whey! Prior to this review, I’ve only had naan, a soft flatbread that’s slightly puffy. It’s warm and fresh but slightly chewy, which only makes it more enjoyable.

When trying the lamb gyro, I noticed the way the lamb was processed before being put into the sandwich added a lot to the texture! The lamb was cut into thin, circular portions that then got stacked with fat placed in between. The pieces are then cooked, and are assembled into the sandwich. Let me tell you, the gyro was magical! I liked the flatbread that seemed to melt in my mouth, but I loved the lamb and the sauce the most. The robust lamb with its garlic and salty flavors reached a perfect middle ground when combined with the mellow tzatziki. These aspects cement the dish as my favorite on the menu. Although with hardy portions, all the food is sure to please.

It takes the owner roughly three hours to prepare all their ingredients, about an hour upon arrival to the location to set up, and he’ll often serve for three or more hours. Owning a food truck is no small commitment, with this dedication and care, it’s no wonder the food hits the spot  like it does.

So, while you’re out and about the Reston area, keep an eye out for a food truck or a sign. Support small businesses that provide great food at great  prices!