Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas

Image via Chocolate with Grace

Image via Chocolate with Grace

As Valentine’s Day nears, we think about how there are many different ways to celebrate it. Whether it’s being spent alone or with someone, this can be a great way to make something meaningful or play around with creativity. 



This treat is great for any type of occasion, as there are multiple ways to make them and numerous toppings to add. If regular brownies aren’t your style, try red velvet, cookies and cream, or rocky road. For more ideas, go to this website.


Sugar Cookies

These cookies are one of the best ways to show and express feelings through a fun decorating process. With all sorts of shapes,  colored icing, and sprinkles, this step  will be the best part. Depending on the recipe, it can take thirty minutes to an hour. This recipe by Sally takes about four hours but it will definitely be worth the wait.


Chocolate covered strawberries

This may be the easiest treat to make as it does not include any baking. It is very simple and quick to make if one doesn’t have enough time to bake a special treat. This recipe only uses two ingredients and won’t take longer than an hour.

Image via Small Town Woman

Chocolate lava cakes

Nothing is sweeter than making chocolate lava cakes at home. Most of the ingredients you may already have   at home and it won’t take long to make. This recipe calls for two servings but it can definitely be enjoyed as one. 


Strawberry shortcake cupcakes 

This cakey goodness will make anyone squeal with excitement. As these cupcakes are  smaller, they are  easier to give to others or be enjoyed one at a time. One bite into a strawberry shortcake  cupcake will make everyone’s taste buds want more. This recipe makes 24 cupcakes and includes a method to keep the extra cupcakes even if they won’t be eaten yet.


French macarons with vanilla buttercream filling

Macarons are very delicate, so it’s easy to make mistakes in the baking process. It takes time and patience to make them but the final product will surely be worth the wait. This recipe includes detailed instructions and explanations on how to make tasty macarons. 

Image via Preppy Kitchen

Even though some of these sweet treats can be challenging to make, with enough patience, the taste will outweigh the wait in the end.. And if you’re still hungry for more, there are many other recipes out there that will make your Valentine’s Day a little sweeter.