Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vans Collab

Image via Vans

Image via Vans

The iconic Japanese magical girl show, Sailor Moon, reached its thirtieth anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, Vans has announced a collaboration with Sailor Moon. Vans has been known for its slogan, Off The Wall, as its brand has been synonymously associated with skateboarding culture. The fashion at Vans represents the skater styles that began in Southern California in the 70s.


Before the conceptualization of Sailor Moon, Takeuchi had originally worked on Code Name: Sailor V. Codename: Sailor V is the predecessor to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s first episode aired on March 7th, 1992, and there is also a newer anime adaptation of the manga called, Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon Crystal is more heavily based off of the events that occurred in the original manga series by Naoko Takeuchi.


Codename: Sailor V follows the life of Minako Aino as she discovers her new powers after an encounter with a cat named Artemis. Usagi Tsukino, the protagonist of Sailor Moon, follows a similar encounter as well, but must uncover her destiny and fight evil alongside the Sailor Senshi. Despite the controversy in Sailor Moon, it was one of the very first shōujo anime and manga to feature a lesbian relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.


Regarding the shoe release, there will be many designs available for both adults and children. Vans is well-known for their canvas shoes and there will also be other clothing and accessories available to purchase on the Vans website. The lineup will be officially released this summer in June.