Sign up and the world will know your name

     Working in business takes ambition and dedication, and if you ever want a chance in the “real world,” you have to start somewhere. We hear about the success of people such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, and their achievements seem unattainable, but you never know what you are capable of until you try. Future Business Leaders of America could be your chance to make a name for yourself. FBLA is one of the many clubs running at South Lakes, but it is not just any extracurricular. It is a wonderful opportunity for students potentially interested in a business career to become leaders and explore the world they may one day choose to be a part of.

     The club’s first meeting is September 20th, and they meet about once a month on Wednesdays through the month of May. The only requirement to join is that you have to have taken either a business course or EPF. The word ‘business’ might lead you to expect this club to be all work and no play, but FBLA actually manages a balance between the two.

     “FBLA is a student run organization that is academic and social, so we try to do business-related activities, which could be business guest speakers, a field trip to a business, or a resume writing workshop,” Ms. Dixon, the club’s sponsor, explained, “and then we also do social events like we might go see a business related film or be in the homecoming parade.”

South Lakes has had an FBLA chapter for many years, and the club typically consists of about a hundred students. With so many people choosing to join this club, one might wonder what is so special about FBLA when there are so many other activities after school.

     “It’s a really great way to meet people who interested in things that you are interested in. It also gives some exposure to business careers and informations before you maybe go off to college or decide what job you’re going to do. It can really help you think about business as a career path for your future,” Dixon elaborated. 

     The sponsor also clarified that FBLA is not only for students set on the business career track. If you are on the fence or entertaining the idea of a business occupation, the club would be an excellent chance for you to further discover the path. It is sometimes intimidating to join a group or start something new, but don’t let a little uncertainty keep you from trying what may become your passion.