Got stress? Join Lily Kasper and the Mind, Body and Spirit Club!


Pictured: Senior Lily Kasper, president of the Mind, Body and Spirit Club Photo Courtesy of Olivia Cochis

     Every Wednesday morning at 7:15, the Mind, Body and Spirit Club meets in room 602. The mission of the club is to reduce students’ stress. With so many students with overwhelming amounts of stress due to the overload with school assignments, college applications, and extracurricular activities, the club is a great way to unwind with a community of people who may understand the stress you are feeling. It might be a healthy way to tackle stress that may be occuring at home. Senior Lily Kasper started the club this school year, and she hopes for the club to continue for generations to come. Lily is the president of the club, and she hopes to elect a vice president, treasurer, and supplies manager soon. There are no requirements to being a part of the club, and all new members are warmly welcomed. Lily has planned many fun activities to help students reduce stress, and she gave The Sentinel an inside scoop.

     “We will do activities [such as] meditation, painting, writing, mindfulness and more,” Lily explained. 

     There is also a tea station, and sometimes breakfast. Suggestions from members are encouraged. One of Lily’s goals is to use many different approaches to alleviate stress, so since members incorporate their ideas, everyone is able to find something that works for them. 

     “We will hopefully go on nature walks around the school, and maybe go to a yoga studio if people want,” Lily further explained.

     She is making bigger plans on ways to be interactive. She is looking into ways to expand her club to reducing stress outside the classroom as well as inside the classroom. Lily started the club because she noticed that she as well others were facing an incredible amount of stress. She wanted to start a club where everyone could come together to have fun and learn about relaxation techniques. These relaxation techniques are a great way to reduce stress, and can ultimately be lifelong strategies.