Zodiac signs as Fantastic Beasts characters



Adriana Agic, Staff Writer

ARIES: Gellert Grindelwald 

Daring Aries, you’re Gellert Grindelwald! Like this fiery sign, Grindelwald is a natural leader that will use his charm and charisma to attract followers. Aries, Grindelwald fits your sign because of his leadership capabilities, determined mindset, courageous and brave personality, and quick fiery temper which shows people how serious he is. 


TAURUS: Niffler

Determined Taurus, you’re the niffler! Nifflers are extremely determined when it comes to things they want, and can be materialistic. Tauruses, you are the niffler because of how stubborn they can be, their determined mentality to get what they desire, patience, and self-reliant personality.


GEMINI: Leta Lestrange 

Charming Gemini, you’re Leta Lestrange! Leta is a very sociable, curious, and always on the move, like Gemini’s. Leta fits this sign because of her naturally curious personality, sociable personality, independence, quick wit and quickly adapting mentality. 


CANCER: Queenie Goldstein 

Sensitive Cancer, you’re Queenie Goldstein! Like Queenie, Cancers are very family and home oriented and will quickly change demeanor if someone they love is hurt. Queenie fits this sign because of her saccharine personality, love of family and friends, somewhat shy and reserved personality and extreme sensitivity. 


LEO: Dumbledore 

Prideful Leo, you’re Albus Dumbledore! Albus is a natural born leader, and never seems to be lack self confidence. He’s humorous, passionate in anything he does, and extremely prideful. Leos, Dumbledore fits your sign with his ability to lead/navigate people, prideful and assertive personality and opinionated views. 


VIRGO: Nagini 

Analytical Virgo, you are Nagini! Nagini, similar to Virgo, is methodical and reliable. She usually uses her mind instead of her heart when she has to make an important decision, and also enjoys helping people. Virgo, Nagini fits your sign because of her quick and conscientious personality, methodical/analytical thinking and shy but helpful behavior. 


LIBRA: Jacob Kowalski 

Romantic Libra, you’re Jacob Kowalski! Jacob is a vibrant and charming character that likes to show off his artistic side. Jacob wants a deep and meaningful romantic relationship, but won’t break any rules for his relationship since he wants to keep the peace. Libras, Jacob fits your sign with his artistic yet suave demeanor, love for romance and balanced personality.


SCORPIO: Credence Barebone 

Mysterious Scorpio, you’re Credence Barebone! Credence is an incredibly misunderstood character, just like Scorpio’s can be. He’s secretive and powerful, which makes characters afraid of him. Scorpio’s, Credence fits your sign with his intense and powerful personality, mysteriousness, extreme motivation, and hard to decipher exterior. 


SAGITTARIUS: Theseus Scamander 

Wanderlusting Sagittarius, you’re Newt’s brother Theseus! Theseus is calm and collected when he needs to be, but he usually has a quick temper and acts impulsively on it. He’s a very charming person and has a philosophical view of the world. Sagittarius, Theseus fits you perfectly with his sociable behavior, adventurous/daring personality, optimistic thoughts, and caring mother-hen like nature. 


CAPRICORN: Tina Goldstein 

Ambitious Capricorn, you’re Tina Goldstein! Tina is a very driven and determined character that loves her job and will do anything morally correct to get her ahead. Tina fits this sign because of her intelligence and wit, love for her job, reserved exterior and mature personality. 


AQUARIUS: Nicolas Flamel 

Quirky Aquarius, you’re alchemist Nicolas Flamel! Relating to Aquarius, Nicolas is incredibly logical and intellectual, hence his job as an alchemist. Aquarians, Flamel fits your sign because of his vast intelligence, friendly/accepting nature, sociable behavior, and unique personality.


PISCES: Newt Scamander

Dreamy Pisces, you’re protagonist Newt Scamander! Same as Pisces, Newt is a compassionate person that will go out of his way to make people that he cares for happy, and can be impractical. Pisces, Newt fits your sign with his extreme care for things he loves, out of the box thinking, has an impractical nature, is wide-horizon thinker and has a big imagination.