Ariana Grande addresses “fans” critiquing her body

Image via Hindustan Times

Image via Hindustan Times

Superstar Ariana Grande has finally come out to address the constant critiques she receives regarding her body after more than 10 years spent in the public eye. 


Reaching more than 10.2 million likes on TikTok (and soaring over 50 million views), Grande’s classy statement sent a fresh wave of calm over the app, changing people’s views on the subject of body positivity. 


It’s true that ever since her days as a teenager on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, she has been hearing uncomfortable comments about her body- people saying she looked unhealthy, or too big or small. These critiques would continue throughout her career as she grew older and changed the way that she looked. Fans would assume that she was healthy or unhealthy based on the way that she looked, and publicly comment on her posts acting concerned about her weight. 


It seems that after roughly 13 years, Grande has had enough. In her signature polite and soft-spoken fashion, she took to Tik Tok to film a three-minute-long statement that both thanked fans for their concern but also shooed them off. As a celebrity, fans seem to feel like they have a place for commenting on every new outfit, hairstyle, and workpiece released – but this doesn’t allow for critiques on the way someone looks.  


“I think we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies – no matter what.” Grande stated in her video. 


Grande hasn’t ever been someone to take issues to social media, although in her younger years she gained praise for shutting down reporter’s sexist comments during interviews. 


The artist’s words in this video were spoken kindly, leaving behind a message of positivity rather than scolding. Grande mentions how the version of her body that fans deemed to be the “healthiest” based simply off of looks, was actually her lowest point in her life. She also mentioned how “healthy can look different” and even if someone is commenting out of genuine concern, it isn’t their place to say anything about someone’s body. 


The video leaves you with a message of love and kindness, reminding people to do what they love, and acknowledge the many different ways to look and feel beautiful without being so quick to judge others over little things. While she has been preparing for her upcoming role in the Broadway production of Wicked, she has been less present on social media, and made sure to leave this message with an uplifting tone.