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Niki’s Guide: study smarter, not harder

Niki May, entertainment editor

May 19, 2014

Instead of reading and rereading to prepare for exams and finals, try turning terminology and study guides into conversational topics or songs. Students may feel ridiculous singing about the Cold War or trigonometric functions, but creating a simple song to vocabulary words or telling a story about...

Play for you

Meaghan McIntyre, online writer

May 14, 2014

There are two types of softball players in the world. The first type are the ones whose parents make them play, they want to hang with friends, they want to be able to put it on a college application, and so on with what seems like a never ending list of reasons. The second type are the ones...

Never give up

Meaghan McIntyre, online writer

May 9, 2014

No amount of emphasis will ever be enough to explain that in softball, it is crucial to never give up. This game is one where it can change in the blink of an eye, both literally and metaphorically. Unless you want to see a domino effect of errors occur as the other team runs circles around you,...

Niki’s Guide: set goals

Niki May, entertainment editor

May 8, 2014

Individuals make progress by accomplishing goals. From a young age people are taught to make a plan and follow guidelines to end up with their desired outcome. Difficulty lies in setting long term goals. Studying for next week’s test and receiving a good grade gives the immediate satisfaction of...

Be confident, not cocky

Meaghan McIntyre, online writer

April 9, 2014

Confidence and cockiness are two entirely different traits. To be confident means you know you are good and have trust in your abilities. Cockiness is when you think and act like you are best person on the field. If you are confident, when you go onto the field and simply play the game you love, p...

To be a team

Meaghan McIntyre, online writer

April 4, 2014

To succeed in softball, you need to be able to get along with your teammates. That is why softball is called a team sport: one girl cannot be the reason a team wins or loses. Regardless of previous feelings towards one another, the moment you step onto the field, you have to put your differences to th...

Your biggest opponent

Meaghan McIntyre, online writer

March 25, 2014

When you are on the field, you have multiple battles to face. Your team is facing another team, as a batter you have to face the pitcher, if you are a pitcher, then you have to face a batter, and so on. But believe it or not, your biggest opponent is not the other team. It is yourself. A coa...

Niki’s Guide: learn from mistakes

Niki May, entertainment editor

March 25, 2014

The end of the third quarter approaches and many students may believe they are drowning in work to make up before the end of the quarter. Bottle this feeling. The only plan of action by this point in the quarter is to sit down and complete work before the quarter ends. However, by remembering the...

Niki’s Guide: students should exercise

Niki May, entertainment editor

February 27, 2014

Students should exercise. This statement echoes through the country and problems emerge regarding childhood obesity, health, and mental effects. However, when a statement echoes, generally good reasoning backs it. This overweight epidemic continues to be studied throughout the country and endless...

Niki’s Guide: change the scene

Niki May, entertainment editor

February 18, 2014

Students can benefit from changing their scenery when hitting a mental block that disallows them to finish homework. When the mind is too distracted on the day to day happenings at one’s home, a change of scenery can assist students in accomplishing tasks that are undesirable. Going to places...

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