Best ways as an online content creator


Ismail Khan, Staff Writer

Do you want to be the next Tiktok or Instagram superstar? Here are some insights on how to kickstart your creative ideas online! 


People can choose to use it as a way to generate income from YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram to name a few. Regardless of their goals, superstars have to work tirelessly in order to become as successful as they are today. 


Working Hard

Many teens or young adults nowadays want an easy way out and cannot give their full efforts towards a specific goal, rather just want the ultimate outcome. As a personal Content Creator, I have worked countless hours to create a single video. I have sacrificed several things in order to reach the level of success I am currently at. My biggest sacrifice was working for free. When I was just starting, I was working for free the majority of the time, filming basketball, football and school events. Many people mocked me for working for free, but only I could see the light through the tunnel, you must learn before you can accept money from a client. I spent hours on end perfecting my craft and filming to attain footage that will help me film better and also learn new editing techniques.


Be Consistent

Stay consistent on releasing content even if it is not getting the engagement you’d like. Lots of people choose to give up once they are not receiving likes, views, or comments, but when I first began, I would barely drag in 50 likes. You also must accept some sort of failure in order to feel some sort of success. In order to maintain a confident and headstrong attitude, you must isolate yourself from the negativity you may receive throughout your journey. By blocking out the hate, you can only think positively which will allow you to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself. 


Have a Purpose

The main purpose of generating content for many is to either inspire or provide a positive outlook for your followers. Ultimately, creating your goals and finding a way to accomplish them is the best thing you can do to help yourself generate content. Finding your why is also important. This means to find your purpose or find who you truly are. 


Finding you can be done before your journey or during, personally, I found myself understanding new things every day during my journey of being “Khanklips”. By finding my why, it has helped motivate me and has sparked various ideas to contribute to my success.