QRU? PTSA Reflections Contest representative Molly O’Boyle


Katherine Imel

This year's PTSA Reflections contest theme is "Believe, Dream, and Inspire." Projects must be submitted by Oct. 15.

Molly O’Boyle is the PTSA representative for the Reflections Contest, a nationwide contest which provides students with the chance to share their creative talents. This year’s theme is Believe, Dream, Inspire.

How was this year’s theme decided?

Each year, there is a competition to see what the theme should be for the following year’s contest. The idea for this year’s National PTA contest, Believe, Dream, Inspire, came from a student in Michigan.

How do you think students will react to this theme?

Hopefully, it helps the students internalize and think about what they believe, what they dream about and how they can inspire [others] with their talents, skills and enthusiasm.

Is this South Lakes’ first time holding this contest?

South Lakes PTSA has participated in this contest for a number of years. However, two years ago, there were no entries at all. Last year, we had seven entries. I hope that the students will be more interested in the theme this year and want to submit their work.

Has anyone from South Lakes ever won?

No one from our school has won in any of the categories, but we did have an artist go to the state level last year. The judges judge just the work from our students. The first place winners from our school move on to the Fairfax County level. The first place winners from the county then go to the state level, and from there to the national level.

 What do you hope to achieve with the contest?

I hope to achieve participation this year. I know that there are students here who have creative juices in the areas of visual arts, photography, and literature. I also hope to achieve recognition for those students who put time and energy into this contest.

 How can students submit their projects? 

For category information, rules and the student entry form, go to:


The entry form and the student’s work will then be submitted in hard copy original work or on a disc to the front office by Oct. 15. I also will need students to submit their work online by emailing me at mollyoboyle@gmail.com.

The work turned in should clearly state: “Reflections Contest/Molly O’Boyle.”