One Year Anniversary of #closefcps

One Year Anniversary of #closefcps

January 6th, 2016 was the one year anniversary of the worldwide trend #closefcps on Twitter. This trend raised awareness for the county’s widely unpopular decision to have schools open on time without a two hour delay.

Frustrated students took to Twitter and broadcasted their opinion to the worldwide web.“There arent even teachers here”@emilylazunnn tweeted. “Is our education really worth our lives?” @HotTaMolly24 another Fairfax County Public Schools student questioned.

 The trend caught the attention of major news outlets such as The Washington Post, Fox 5, NBC, and BuzzFeed and was, and still is, the first Google search suggestion when “#c” is typed in the search box. The news sites showcased other popular tweets, whether they were serious tweets or they were students making fun of the Fairfax County Board of Education with pictures and quotes.

A parent told that “the traffic is just dangerous, and it’s awful.”

 School opened on time, that cold, snowy day, and after the furious trend had spread like a virus around the country in a matter of hours, the FCPS Board of Education sent out an apology statement reading “we apologize for the difficulties the weather caused this morning… The decision we made with best information we had very early this morning. Needless to say, the conditions were far worse than anticipated.”

However, according to, they felt that “students are safest at school when parents have not had a chance to make alternate plans.” While that was a fair argument, many students and parents were sent to the hospital after automobile accidents in attempt to get to school that day.