Prom 2023; Here’s what to expect!


Image via Veronika Owen/The Sentinel

Updated 2/27/23:  Prom tickets prices have been changed to $75 today on, $85 from April 10th to 28th, and lastly, $100 at the door.  See details below.

With classwork, sports, and so much more, prom can seemingly spring up without warning, but it’s not too early to learn what to expect on April 29th, because the 2024 Class Council is working hard to give South Lakes upperclassmen the best experience possible!  The theme is Moulin Rouge.  

The 2024 Class Council is made up of five juniors:  Evelyn Wagner, Caroline Flood, Jaya Mishra, Beck Baker and Colin Surabian.  They’re working tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly this year, including several fundraisers and public announcements on Instagram and at school events.

“While it’s a lot of work leading up to it,” said Evelyn Wanger, “and our goal is to just have it happen, it’s also the goal to make sure everyone has a good time.”

There are many things to get excited about this year, but one of the most notable is the change in location.  Prom will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Dulles Hotel.

“In the past few years, we’ve had Covid and all these other precautions and prom hasn’t been in a hotel for three years,” said Evelyn Wagner.  “So we’re having prom at a hotel for the first time in a long time… It’s going to be a really good experience [since] it’s not in the parking lot of the school or in the gym.  It’s an actual immersive prom experience.”

While having prom at a hotel is exciting, the fact of the matter is that there will be a significant price difference.  Having prom at the school in years past meant the prices were lower, but this year attendees can expect a significant increase from years prior.

“The largest challenge that we’ve faced is the price because a hotel costs a lot of money even just for one night,” Evelyn said.  “And it’s a lot of work to put into the hotel getting a DJ, getting decorations, tickets, [and] posters.  It’s so many different elements to manage.”  

Tickets are $75 on that you can order today!  You can find QR codes on posters around the school.  They will cost $85 April 10th through 23rd.  They will be $85 (cash) during lunch of April 24th to 28th.  Finally, they will be $100 at the door to the dance.

Evelyn explains the challenge will be incentivizing students to still go to prom even with high prices.  Because the prices are higher, it’s even more important that students go to avoid being “negative dollars in debt.”

One solution in the works is a sponsorship program.  “What we’re trying to get… is a sponsor for students who can’t afford to pay for prom tickets,” Evelyn said, “so the hope is that there’s some sort of program where people who have free-reduced lunch apply to get a prom ticket.”

So while there are many things still being decided, the foundation is set.  Start making plans for the most epic night of the spring!

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