Managing Stress Like a Pro

Even after the school year is over, there are several things that could cause stress in someone’s life.  Jobs, sports, Covid, you name it. Almost anything can be stressful, but it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to combat it. Here is a list of 4 stress reducing activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine. 


Coloring/Dot to dot 

This is a great way to easily fight stress. There are several types of coloring and dot to dot books available at Michael’s and other local stores. Coloring and completing dot to dot pages helps to relax one’s mind, and introduces it to a state of mindfulness. Doing this activity can also improve motor skills and focus. 


Take a walk 

If you are extremely stressed and busy, taking a walk might be one of the last things you would consider doing, but it is actually a great way to relieve stress. Walking sparks nerve cells in your brain, which in turn helps to relax your body. Walking also gives you a chance to stretch your legs and to get some fresh air. 


Creative writing

Creative writing allows you to express your internal thoughts and feelings in an original way, and also lets you analyze them from a different perspective. Creative writing is also a good way to calm down your body, so doing it before going to sleep might ensure a better night’s sleep. 



Yoga is the perfect way to reduce stress if you also want to improve your flexibility and balance. There are several videos that are accessible on Youtube or other websites that take you through gentle stretches step by step. There are also different levels of difficulty, so you can challenge yourself as you improve. Yoga lets you focus on your body and breathing, which is a great way to relax. 


Make sure to try some of these activities if you are stressed out. If they don’t help, you can always reach out to your consular or talk to a trusted adult. They are there to help you too.