Wordle: the newest internet craze


Photo via New York Times

Madeline Miller, Staff Writer

Wordle is the most recent word game that has taken over the internet. Between the new daily words, and the necessity to get the correct word in very few guesses, Wordle keeps enticing people to keep playing.

Over the past few weeks, many have seen someone post a picture with black, yellow, and green squares along with the date. This would be proof that someone achieved today’s Wordle. In order to complete the daily Wordle, players need to guess a five-letter word in six guesses or less. They receive a color per letter that was guessed, which then gives them a hint about what the actual word is. A gray square means the letter is nowhere in the word, yellow means the letter is in the word, but not the right spot. Green means the letter is in the right spot in the correct word. When the whole word is green, the player has correctly guessed the word for the day.

This game has also become a challenge between friends and family all over. They want to get the word in fewer guesses than the other people they are going against! Conveniently, once someone guesses the correct word, a screen pops up asking to share the win with others. The competition can also include whoever can keep the longest streak. Wordle’s technology remembers a player’s streak and the amount of words they have guessed correctly, even after leaving the website. 

Wordle forces people to think about words that may have been forgotten, or have never heard of before. This can expand a person’s vocabulary, which will help in someone’s everyday life. Although a five-letter word seems short and simple, it can become difficult to remember some of the most common words. Getting discouraged is not uncommon, either. When someone presses enter and receives all gray letters, it is that much more difficult to want to continue. 

It is clear that Wordle is a highly favored game right now, and that may continue to be for a while. People enjoy something to look forward to everyday, knowing that a new word awaits them. It is a way to have a friendly competition, and expand your vocabulary every day. This game is a great new craze that many will adore.