College Partnership club aids students in college application progress

Layla Sharaf

Layla Sharaf, staff writer

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There are many steps in the college application process. Without guidance and support, students may become confused by everything required of them. The College Partnership club provides help to those students.

Counselor Tracey Albert and career specialist Karen Burke are both sponsors of the College Partnership club who play primary roles in helping students through the time-consuming process.  

“The goal [of College Partnership] is to give support to students who will be the first in their family to go to college,” said Albert.

The club has monthly meetings where they participate in activities from receiving college planning calendars to talking to South Lakes and College Partnership alumni. Through these constant interactions, members become part of a supportive network of staff and peers which can be crucial to their success in the college application process.

Last year, all but two of the graduating seniors in College Partnership got into college.

“I definitely think it has been a success,” said Albert.

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