How to have Halloween in 2020: COVID edition


Saousane Bejjaji, Editor

Whether you’re trick or treating, taking younger siblings out, or worried about how to safely distribute candy to Halloween on-goers. It’s important to make sure that the activities that were once okay to do, are now modified to prevent the high-risk of spreading viruses faced in 2020. Here you can find ways to enjoy Halloween this year, while still keeping safe. 


Virtual Costume Parties

Using Zoom or other online video chats is a great way to throw a party with friends and family, show off your costumes, and play games! Although an online party is definitely not the same as seeing friends in real life, at least this year you can wear any costume without having to cover it up with a jacket! 


Halloween Movie Night:

Dress up as your favorite characters and watch Halloween movies with family and select friends too even!  Whether you choose a scary movie that makes you have to curl up with a blanket and popcorn, or want laugh hysterically at funny movies, this is always a fun idea for any occasion that is sure to never fail. Check out the Sentinel’s Halloween movie picks for 2020!


Carving Pumpkins

This Halloween tradition has always been safe as long as pumpkin carving injuries are avoided. Don’t forget that you can roast your pumpkin seeds​ for a healthy and tasty snack!