Hype Squad Feature


Photo via Marc Goldstein

The South Lakes High School Hype Squad is the heart of the student cheering section at all the football games as well as other athletic events! It is what gets students pumped up and full of school spirit ready to cheer on their team, but what is behind all of the hype?


Although everyone knows of the hype squad, not many people know about them. Have you ever been at a football game, looked to your right and seen some students waving a flag or banging a drum? Well if you have, then you’ve seen the hype squad. The hype squad has been a part of South Lakes for a long time, and definitely comes with it’s traditions.

“I really like the paddle and the drum. The flag is pretty sick, it’s all beat up and duct taped together. It’s been here for fifteen years,” Hype Squad leader Nate Owen says. These items have been in the SLHS hype squad for many year, and definitely have a past to them.

Many students rely on the hype squad to know when to cheer, what to cheer, what things to wear, and if a game has gotten cancelled. Although the hype squad is a fun, exciting group, there is definitely responsibility that comes with it, as well.

“You have to bring energy, even if the team is losing so that can get difficult if there is a bad play or something,” Nate says “It’s not pressure, it’s more like ‘how can we bounce back and keep people engaged’.” Due to the influence that the hype squad has on the energy of the game, it’s important for them to know how to bounce back from a bad play, or even a loss.

Although Covid seems to have changed just about everything, the hype squad has seemed to find a way to not let it affect they’re routines, besides the spontaneous game cancellations. They are able to continue just as they did in 2019.

“Because we’re outside, it doesn’t really matter. We can still do our own thing and if someone is sick, then they don’t come,” Nate explains. Luckily, students are still allowed to show support to the football team as well as the other South Lakes teams, and carry on past years’ traditions.

The hype squad is a crucial part of the football games and the energy that comes with them! SLHS athletics’ games are an imperative way to bring all grade levels together, and it would not be nearly as fun without the hype squad’s energy.

“The gathering of all of our different grade levels and cheering on all of our football players,” Nate says “I also think it’s fun that everybody gets to dress up and get to talk to each other outside of class.” This shows how the hype squad can help bring students of all grade levels together, in a fun, exciting way. The hype squad is a great contributor to the excitement and attendance of all the SLHS games.