Tee Time Anyone?


Photo via English Golf Digest

Golf has grown in popularity since the pandemic. Not only across the country, but at South Lakes too. 

Many golf courses were forced to shut down because of the pandemic. However, when it was safe for golf to get started up again, people had trouble finding tee times due to the sheer number of people that wanted to play. According to CNBC, the amount of rounds played in 2021 increased by 16.1% compared to 2020. 

Along with the growing popularity of golf across the U.S, many members of the Golf Team have also reported a growth in the membership of the South Lakes since they first joined.

“The number of people interested in joining the golf team has increased every year. I think people are beginning to realize how fun and exciting golf can be, as well as the great team dynamic we have created on the South Lakes Golf Team,”  junior Ann Ehrlich, a member of the SLHS Golf Team says. 

Golf is a great sport to improve physical health as well as your mental well being. 

Many of the members of the golf team have stated how relaxing the game of golf is, as well as how many new people they have met by joining the team. They have also said that it is a great way to challenge yourself and really see self improvement right in front of your eyes.

“It has made me mentally stronger because I had to learn how to not get frustrated when I hit a bad shot,” freshman Ruby Karandikar said.

“It makes me happy because I can just laugh the whole time,” freshman Ava Adams said.

The South Lakes Golf team has also been very successful this year and sent two girls to Districts on October 20th! Good luck to these incredible athletes! 

There are so many benefits of Golf and with the growing number of people starting to play, people will start recognizing the golf team in no time.